Graham D. Shore
My name is Graham and I live in Surrey England 18 km from London. I am married with three children. My job is garden maintenance which I have done for many years. I have been to Turkey 6 times. I have been to many places around Turkey and I have many good friends there. I come over to Turkey 3 times a year now, and I would like to live in Turkey one day. I find Turkish people to be very kind, helpful, very friendly and warm, not like English people, and I am very much like a Turkish person. I enjoy Turkish way of live and Turkey and the sun, which we dont have here in England these days. I would be very interested in hearing from you and to make more friends in Turkey. I look forward to getting e-mails from you. Take care all the best from your good friend Graham uk.

London England
Job    Garden Maintainer
Birthday    10 January, 1961